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Great podcast for coaches!
The Daniel Coyle episode was as good of a pod as I’ve ever listened to!

Best pod for coaches
You won’t find a better one !

Insightful, helpful, and entertaining
I love this podcast. Colby does a great job and has great guests! It’s a must listen!

One of the Best Coaching Podcasts
As a basketball coach, this is one of the most thought provoking podcasts I’ve ever listened to. Colby interviews the best in every industry and have already inspired some changes to how I coach.

Great stories and insightful teaching!
The stories and lessons from these podcasts are filled with success and success principles. This podcast is definitely something to listen to!

Great Podcast
Awesome podcast with an incredible guest list. Have recommended to all friends and family!

Great lessons, widen the scope
Phenomenal lessons with specific examples and experiences that back them up. Colby provides an unbelievable opportunity to hear the behind the scenes situations for staffs and teams of the interviewees. This podcast would be a 5 star if it was not for my next point. Was going to write this review after three episodes, but waited for a couple more to come out with the hope that women would be interviewed. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard from a woman yet. There are so many incredible coaches who happen to be women and it is my hope that Colby already has some lined up. However, kicking off the podcast with 5 men sends a powerful message to all coaches of all genders who tune in. Would love to hear Colby ask questions about how coaches (not just coaches of color) are handling the moment we are in regarding BLM and the BIPOC community. Thank you for reading, Colby. I love what you’re doing and look forward to coming back for more.

The interview with Coach Corbin was phenomenal. Subscribed and can’t wait to hear more!

I subscribe to the newsletter and love it. Can’t wait for the podcast!

Coaching Coaches
Can’t wait to listen!!

Very interesting - definitely worth a listen!

Prepared for the Process
Colby is always preparing for the process, whatever that process may be. This pod allows the listener to constantly prepare and improve. The information is streamlined and synthesized for applicable installations to your routines. Grow and develop with every episode, challenge and push your own beliefs to become a better you.

The trailer is legit! I can’t wait for the first episode!